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Brown ; Black      size 5-13
Pali-Hawaii Sandals
Original Classic Soft Rubber Sandals
Our  Pali-Hawaii Original, Classic, and Soft sandals offers you  the world's most popular PH405 Pali Hawaii
Sandals. These Pali Hawaii Sandals Classic and Original are great for men and women!  They are soft and
comfortable and made of soft-rubber.  The two-weave-pattern features an air pocket foot bed which is comfortable
to wear in Resorts or in any casual occasion.  So, go casual and comfortable!  It's about Pali Hawaii Sandals the
only talk of the town.
sz 5 - 9 sm: m: L  
blk: brown
For Women -  Flexible, machine washable,
durable, re-usable, and arch support.  Sizes
S-5, M-6, L-7, LL-8,  XL-9 comes in brown,
and black. Plus S/H $10.00. (US only)
For every add'l Pair add $5.00
thereafter on S/H
For Men -  Rugged, firm, leather like,
and comfortable to wear indoors or outdoors.  It's
soft cushioned footbed.
Men's size is the actual size.  Women should be a
size smaller than actual size.  Comes in brown
Sizes are 8 - 13.  Plus $10.75 s/h.
US only.

For every add'l pair is $5.00 thereafter
on S/H.
Ladies slightly narrow, featherweight,
squishy soft, and trendy colors.  This stylish
sandal, have massage nubs on insole,
waterproof and light as air.Color: Black.
Size: 6-10.  Plus S/H $8.00 (US only)

For every addt'l pair add $3.00 there-
after on S/H.
Ladies super light weight, sporty casual, from
elastomer, corrosion  resistant, non-odorous, &
color: Black; Navy. Size 5-10
. Sz 8 Black is
  Plus s/h $10.00 US only)

For every add'l pair add $4.00 thereafter, on s/h
Unisex.  It's very light, smooth, and w/
thicker insole.  Women should wear a size
smaller than actual size. Sz 6-10 and Speckled
size 10-12.  Plus s/h $8.00 (US only)

For every addt'l  pair add $4.00 thereafter on
PH438 - (Buckle Slide) - Unisex, soft, arch
support insole,  ruggid, firm, and
adjustable strap. Sizes 7 - 13.. Women
get a smaller size than actual size.
Plus s/h $10.75 (US only)

For every add'l pair add $5.00
thereafter, on s/h.
Unisex.  It's cushy, sturdy, and super soft  It
has molded footbed, arch support and
braided thong straps.
Women should wear a size smaller than
actual.size. Sizes: 7-13.  Color: Brown;
Black  Plus $10..00 S/H.
For every addt'l pair add $5.00
thereafter on S/H.
For Women.  One buckle, leather-look
strap,durable, arch support, molded footbed,
cushy and cushioned tan & black in/out soft
insole.  Slightly raised 11/4 sole for added
Sizes are 6-10.Note Plus S/H $8.00. (US only)

For every add'l pair $5.00 thereafter on S/H.
For women..  It features attractive beads on the
strap, with comfortable sole, good arch suppport,
and it's waterproof. Color: PH328/327 black;
PH327 Black sz 6,7,9, 10 Brown sz 10 are
sold-out.  PH328 sz 8 is sold-out.PH329 sz 6, 8 &
PH330 sz8 sold out.
Size: 6-10/ 7-10/ 5-10. Plus $10.00 S/H
For every addt'l pair add $5.00 thereafter on S/H.
PH330 For women. Raised heel, arc support, with
jewel looking beads. in red, clear, black, gold
yellow color on its 3 straps. Sizes 6 - 10.
Plus $10.00 S/H (US only)

For every add'l pair add $5.00 thereafter on S/H.
PH119 - (Relax-Straps)
PH186 -  (EVERWEAR) Sandals
PH438 - (BUCKLE SLIDE) Sandals
PH198 - (TOE-TOE-AIR Thong) Sandals
color: brown; black
size 9 - 10
size 6 - 10
(Multi-Beaded) Sandals